Epic Paul Harvey Christmas Story

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Epic Paul Harvey Christmas Story

Post by CowboyTutt »

My Dad was a commercial airline pilot for Continental Airlines after flying off the USS Independence in the Navy in an A-4 bomber in the mid sixties. As a teen growing up in Santa Barbara I would sometimes go on one of his work trips only to go visit family in Kansas as part of it. When we would drive down to Los Angeles International Airport from Santa Barbara where we lived to start his trip at 0400-0600 in the morning, we would always seem to find a Paul Harvey broadcast on AM radio in his Toyota mini-camper that he loved so much. I always enjoyed Paul's "and that's the REST of the story!" broadcasts.

I have a student I see who has autism spectrum disorder but of the very, very high functioning sort we used to call Asperger's Disorder. He really likes to research things and he's becoming quite the expert on the Titanic. It got me thinking recently that he might enjoy the Paul Harvey broadcasts and I started to preview some of them again.

I think for the most part, Paul's broadcasts are too religious for me to share as a school district employee unfortunately. Yes, I know, I work around it as best as I can, and if the student tells me they are interested I can sometimes get around that. But I do have to be careful. School board rules.

I did come across this broadcast that is one year older than me, and quite brilliant.

There are many others but this one is so timely and timeless and about Christmas, I thought I would share it even though many of you may already have heard it. Tis the Season after all. For me it was recently a first time.


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