Why Old Movies are Important

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Why Old Movies are Important

Post by AJMD429 »

They are often better made as far as acting, without resorting to special effects or sex to sell tickets, but there is a more important reason to like many old movies.

Many are about kingdoms, intrigue, espionage, wars, spies, political intrigue, and so on.

If you pay attention, and view current events against that backdrop, it helps you to avoid being blindsided or surprised by the stuff the Democrats do.

Even watching friends and relatives and neighbors and the completely nonsensical and irrational things they say and do, makes more sense when watching how French citizens behaved during the Vichy regime, or what would make someone behave like Stella Kubler.

Democrats of today (vs 50 years ago) are no less insane in their behavior, nor less destructive to society, after understanding why they are the way they are, but at least it makes some sense.

It still is amazing that they don’t see all the faults in themselves that they project upon their conservative counterparts. :roll:
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Re: Why Old Movies are Important

Post by 1894cfan »

I blame the present day ijits on the boob tube and the public fool system! Where else can you get your brain washed, dried and pressed while being "entertained" and learn what's 'supposedly' happening in the country and the world?????? :?
"When I think back on all the dung I learned in school, it's a wonder I can think at all"! Now that fits me to a T!
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