"Eliminating Federal Income Tax would be a 'bad' Thing..."

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"Eliminating Federal Income Tax would be a 'bad' Thing..."

Post by AJMD429 »

Amazing the gyrations big-government types and those with TDS will perform to make anything Trump says sound 'bad'....

https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/persona ... r-BB1pBsB9

None of the scary things they insist will happen have anything to do with the routing of taxes - they all reflect the fact that the government wants to spend more than it gets in revenue.

The BEST tax system would be something like the FairTax - where income and capital gains and excise taxes would be eliminated, all substituted with retail-sales taxes. Property taxes should be eliminated and changed to land-degradation taxes, where if you bought a chunk of land and just left it as-is, you'd pay essentially nothing, if you paved over a wilderness to make a shopping mall you'd pay a big chunk, and if you took a shopping mall and restored it to wilderness, you'd get a rebate - all 'subjective', but not that much more than the 'valuation' the tax-man does to property. As for retail taxes being 'too high' I've got news for folks - they may think they only pay 5% or so, or even zero on 'food and essentials', but that's more smoke-and-mirrors - that grocery store pays property tax, all kinds of employee taxes matching their income taxes and so-on, pays inflated prices on the wholesale goods they purchase due to those places paying fuel tax, payroll tax, and so on all up the chain. A fixed 25% (or even more) sales tax on even things like food, versus all the hidden taxes now paid, would be FAR more transparent.

Further, all taxes should be levied at the local or state level, as originally set up - the federal government should NOT tax anything or anyone individually - as you cannot protest or fight back meaningfully. Instead, the federals should tax the STATES, who could in fact fight back with some degree of clout and legitimacy. A person or family has a chance to influence local or state politicians and budgets, and just a few hundred citizens at the state capital can get attention, a thousand likely gets changes made, and ten thousand letter-writers, council-meeding speakers, or protesters, and the changes happen really fast. But even a million showing up in DC and nothing happens other than patronizing speeches, or tear gas.

But since Trump said it it must be bad.... :roll:
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Re: "Eliminating Federal Income Tax would be a 'bad' Thing..."

Post by Ysabel Kid »

If they would just eliminate tax withholding, and send everyone a bill once a year, both parties would be swept out of office - for good. Granted, ALL the Dem's would go, but a significant number of Republicans would go as well.

Better yet, send each American an itemized bill for their taxes. Showing all the stupid, inane and unconstitutional stuff the federal government spends our money on. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: "Eliminating Federal Income Tax would be a 'bad' Thing..."

Post by Grizz »

I wrote a check to the irs every year for decades, being self-employed.

Not to worry, their plan is to take all of your money and let you spend on your needs, according to their algorithms, by use of a dot.gov issued debit card.

Eventually coming to a kiosk near you. What do they say, you will own nothing and be glad...
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