Guns stolen….then recovered….then NOT returned…

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Guns stolen….then recovered….then NOT returned…

Post by AJMD429 »

.Beech Grove Firearms had a bunch of guns stolen in a 40 second burglary, and supposedly within about eight hours they were recovered, hidden in a crawlspace someplace. They were seized by the ATF, but the local police are investigating it, and said they would return the firearms as soon as the ATF released them. However, they are saying the ATF is refusing to release them, because they could’ve been used in a crime. ... eda1638c2a ... 532869cc70

For those who work in the firearms industry, is that normal for them to do that kind of shenanigans…?
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Re: Guns stolen….then recovered….then NOT returned…

Post by Sixgun »

Yes's normal.

If they give the guns back, where is the owner going to keep them?

The ATF is anal about security........I know one guy who was shut down forever because of his lax security after a pile of bros broke in and stole 14 handguns.

The ATF will inspect the store after it's fixed but they will require additional security before he gets his license back as the ATF most likely revoked his Class 2 or 3 license. Once a gun shop is broken into twice in a relatively short time, the ATF will shut you down completely.

From the ATF's standpoint, they see it as the owner will be reimbursed by insurance but their work (ATF''s) is just beginning after a burglary.......

Big raid on Philly's gun shops yesterday.......ATF found that the majority of guns found at crime scenes were coming from a few gun shops indicating a lot of straw purchases that the gun shops just didn't care about......I've seen it myself more than a few times.....bros will come in and looks at the guns then leave, 15 minutes later "sista's" come waltzing in and go right for the guns the bros were looking's the gunshops responsibility this does not happen. Gunshops are one business where they can refuse anyone for any reason they feel like and ninety nine point nine its bros from out of town attempting to do this.

Even when using the range, customers are required to leave their drivers license behind the counter until after they are done shooting. My bud has a machine where he swipes their license and any past felonies or outstanding warrants come right up. He calls the State Boys and they will come fast for a fast arrest......yea....all bros. :D
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Re: Guns stolen….then recovered….then NOT returned…

Post by gamekeeper »

In the UK you could kiss your guns goodbye unless they were stolen from a police approved steel gun safe. Probably lose your license too.
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Re: Guns stolen….then recovered….then NOT returned…

Post by piller »

Gun store in Waxahachie had a 1990s Chevy pickup(the kind that were easier to hotwire than a Yugo) smashed backward through the concrete wall. Thieves got a few guns and left the stolen pickup. It had aftermarket bumpers that were basically welded workover pipe. Not many buildings in Texas would stand up to that bumper, and that is why that pickup was stolen for the theft. A month or so prior, the front door was smashed open with sledgehammers. Police response time was not anything to use as a good example. It is now a shop that sells Delta-8 smokes and edibles.
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