Biden admin. Constant lies

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Biden admin. Constant lies

Post by 4t5 »

It appears they messaged the numbers previously to make things look better than they were , from Yahoo news

Friday's jobs report also showed wage growth remained stronger than forecast in April, with wages rising 4.4% over the prior year, an acceleration from the gains seen in March.

Employment gains in March, however, were revised lower to show 165,000 jobs were created during the month, 71,000 fewer than previously reported. February's job gains were also revised lower — to 248,000 from 326,000 — making job growth over that two month stretch lower than previously reported by 149,000. okeefemediagroup
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Re: Biden admin. Constant lies

Post by Walt »

Their employment numbers come from unemployment benefit applications, a completely bogus statistic. If jobs were back to normal, why would practically every business in town have HELP WANTED signs?
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Re: Biden admin. Constant lies

Post by AJMD429 »

And use violence.

Ends justify means to them.

Their only ‘defense’ is to lie and claim “…well, Republicans are just as bad, or worse…”. Sounds good until you look at REALITY…. :roll:
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Re: Biden admin. Constant lies

Post by Grizz »

this is a constant in the market scams . . . people bite going both ways . . . traders profit both ways . . .

what is missing is called the labor participation rate, which has some of the secret mysteries.

similar to the inflation scandal where the bogus number does not include gasoline or groceries.

I paid $4.10 at costco last lap, it's 5 and Up at the corner dispensaries . . .

it's all lies. truth is in the bible. some outside things can be truthful. but the rest is dirty rotten corrupt intentional humanity-hating deception. promulgated by God-hating humanists.

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Re: Biden admin. Constant lies

Post by barbarossa »

Canada is in a worse situation.We have a Prime Minister who is unethical,inept and has only remained in power because the Chinese have interfered in our elections(of which our prime minister knew about the interference but said nothing because it was in his favour.He is a despot of the worse kind,I truly feel sorry for our youth as they will have to live with the consequences of selling off their freedom for a few meagher handouts
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