Healthcare bureaucrats (and many workers) are so STUPID...

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Healthcare bureaucrats (and many workers) are so STUPID...

Post by AJMD429 »

. ... ee-policy/

If signs worked to actually prohibit things, we could just put up "no diabetics allowed" signs, or make a law banning insulin, and save tens of millions of lives per year.

We could even pass a law prohibiting tornadoes or floods or lightning.

I think we've been too polite to the snowflake progressive liberal Democrat crowd for way too long. The reason is that as libertarians and conservatives, we actually care about people and treat them as individuals, and respect their sensitivities. So because of that, we don't want to get them upset by saying things that would upset them. The problem is that reality and truth and science in fact all seem to upset the progressive liberal snowflake Democrat crowd, particularly the young academics.

We just need to hit these people with the reality of facts, and the concept that you can put up all the signs you want, but some psychopath will still show up with a gun, and the only way you stop them is to immediately incapacitate them, and if someone can come up with a way to do that that works better than a concealed handgun and the possession of a law abiding citizen, I might be willing to consider it.

This kind of nonsense is no different than if some idealistic idiot prohibited fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems in a high-rise apartment building because they had an irrational fear that people would hit themselves over the head with fire extinguishers or spray too much water with the sprinkler system. If an arsonist set a fire, we would blame the arsonist, but we'd certainly cite the inadequate response of the building owner as compounding the problem.

That's why when hospital administrators or other corporate bureaucrats or school administrators decide some places going to be a 'gun free zone', they should be held strictly and severely liable for any lives lost, including being indicted as a co-conspirator or accomplice if any lives are lost because of a potential lack of some law abiding person being on the premises with a concealed handgun who could have stopped the carnage.

We have to push back, even if it upsets the snowflake crowd :roll: . I think we've all been in Holiday situations where the family gets together and you have to walk on eggshells because anything you say that's too 'political' will upset the sweet little snowflake academic generation because they have all these 'progressive' (aks MARXIST) liberal Democrat opinions that are irrational, illogical, and defy history and every bit of human experience, yet if we dare mention it they get all upset and cry. In fact a lot of them go beyond that and start punching faces or vandalizing vehicles or will sabotage you in the workplace.

Enough is enough.
Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws
"first do no harm" - gun control LAWS lead to far more deaths than 'easy access' ever could.

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Re: Healthcare bureaucrats (and many workers) are so STUPID...

Post by Grizz »

Yup, "it" has become so pervasive and obnoxious that even "they" are squirming as their internal thought collisions notify them of something. a rare few moments of self doubt.

It helps me to remember that all lies are from satan, that all liars are pawns, willing pawns because they believe a 'strong deception'. And it helps to recall that 'our warfare is not against flesh and blood,' . . .

And to remember that our Savior loves "them" as much as he loves us. That's a waker-upper for me.

He loves us, even the most egregiously blemished and wicked, infinitely. And he hates sin infinitely.

Seems like a quandary, but Jesus overcame it.

it is not possible that humanistic ideologies can rectify humanistic failures . . . Or is this wrong, and there are countless data points proving that godless humanism can produce Godly righteousness? This is actually what "they" believe, and it is why the conflict is so ugly. "Their" roll model is satan in the Garden telling the original humanists that they will not die if they disobey God, they will become just like him. Humans choose to believe and pursue The LIE.
chose to believe the lie
>>> this search string deals with the problem that requires a spiritual solution.

"stupid is as stupid does" and the solution is not more smarter and more logical humanism

i better get more coffee i guess LOL

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Re: Healthcare bureaucrats (and many workers) are so STUPID...

Post by piller »

Sheep see that wolves use their teeth to kill sheep. Teeth are the problem. Sheep remove their own teeth, put up signs banning teeth, and feel good about resolving the issue. Wolves continue to eat sheep, and toothless sheep become malnourished. Meanwhile, libertarian sheep hire watchdogs and flourish.
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