He must like Bud Light

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Ysabel Kid
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He must like Bud Light

Post by Ysabel Kid »

So, Mrs. YK and I met some friends in town last night after work for dinner. Beautiful evening so we ate outside on the patio of the restaurant. Apparently one of the local high schools must have been having their prom (I never went to any of mine), as we saw a lot of teenagers all dressed up walking about and having their pictures taken.

My first observation is that I don't remember any girls when I was in high school wearing dresses like these ones were wearing. Several left little to the imagination!

Then I saw a young couple walking up the sidewalk towards us. The girl was in a pretty dress, and boy in a tux. Well, it looked like a tux, until "he" walked by, and then I saw "him" from behind, and the whole back of "his" tux was missing. Like a women's dress would be.

He/she/it must be a Bud Light drinker. I just don't know what the world is coming to. :roll:
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Spambot Zapper
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Re: He must like Bud Light

Post by gamekeeper »

Yup, nowadays some have a lot less transitioning to do if that's the road they wish to travel..... :roll:
The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it......... George Orwell.
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