College Sorority Photo

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College Sorority Photo

Post by AJMD429 »

I think I'd be unhappy to find the 'girl' in the orange shirt was sharing personal living space with my daughter...
kappa-kappa-gamma-4-7-23.jpg ... n-lawsuit/

This is today's "Democrat Party" and their "liberal" and "progressive" agenda.

How can Biden have 35% "support" in polling...???
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Re: College Sorority Photo

Post by Ysabel Kid »

I'm just not sure how it became popular to encourage mental disorders... :?

So much of the "party of science"... :roll: :evil:
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Re: College Sorority Photo

Post by ollogger »

That kind of #$%^&*@!! is even in little old Wheatland Wyoming
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Re: College Sorority Photo

Post by piller »

That is one ugly dude.
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