Interesting QD swivel parts.

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Interesting QD swivel parts.

Post by AJMD429 »

I came across a place that had some neat little parts for putting me recessed QD swivels on instead of the type most of us have been used to for the past couple decades.

I don't necessarily prefer the current QD ones, but as long as they are in good shape they do seem to be pretty reliable, and they don't restrict the sling movement the way the traditional ones do.

I kind of like to have slings either set up just for basically allowing hands-free climbing into a deer stand or if carrying something else or whatever, or set up for a more quick reacting situation like when out doing chores at night and there might be a predator, and you want your hands-free but this thing is not just for carrying the gun that you will later chamber and be ready to use once you're in the deer stand or whatever.

So I kind of like the idea of having firearms set up for one of those situations, and pretty much have a sling of each type ready to put on whatever firearm is being used at the moment. There's no need to clutter up the gun safe with a bunch of slings and no real need to spend that much money on a bunch of duplicates slings that just sit on unused guns.

For the hunting type scenario the older things are fine because it isn't that important that they allow full movement, but the flush QD's really do seem to be better for the more quick access scenarios.

So since the ladder situation would obviously include the good old ar-15, it makes sense to set up a Ruger 10/22 the same way for when the suspected intruder is a possum or something like that in the hen house instead of something bigger, or for practicing with cheaper ammo. I like the barrel band 10/22 QD mount because of that. Can't wait to try it...!

They also sell little generic adapters that you could put on any regular sling swivel to adapt it to a QD. Not sure if those will be needed or even work all that well, but figured I'd try a set.
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