Miracle of Modern Medicine

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Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by Griff »

This past Tuesday I had the second of two stents placed in my heart to correct blockages. Both times they went in thru my wrist, 1st to repair a 90% blockage on the right side and this time to open a 75% blockage on the left side. 1st, I have to say the vascular surgery teams that did my two day surgeries at the Dallas VA Hospital were professional and seemed truly concerned about my health and well-being. The first surgery was a couple of days before Christmas, and I was amazed at the difference in how I felt. It seemed like a night and day difference from the morning of the surgery to that afternoon. While there was a little residual discomfort in my right forearm and bicep afterwards, by the time 36 hours had passed that was completely gone. This time there is a bit more discomfort at the insertion site, but none of the discomfort of my forearm or bicep as before. Both stents are from a firm in MA, Boston Scientific. The seemingly miracle part, while the stent is metal, an alloy of platinum, chromium, iron, nickel and molybdenum, is that its coated with a polymer coating that is bioabsorbable and contains medication to help the stent avoid becoming blocked again which according to the literature is a finite period of time. While I have to take medication to help fight against my body's rejection of foreign objects, apparently it is only for a year. Whoever thinks these kinds of things up is truly a genius. making them so they work is its own sort of genius also.

I've spent a nice couple of days making sure I didn't break open the insertion point by only loading about 50 rounds for my .32-40 High Wall. Now the only question I have for the Docs is when can I get out and go shooting? Should've asked before I left the hospital, but it slipped the bear trap I call my mind! Bear trap because it catches all sorts of things, but seldom lets them out again!
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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by jeepnik »

Glad you’re feeling better. I didn’t realize just how much my heart valve calcification was effecting me until they replaced it. While there the did 3 bypasses. None of it was immediately life threatening and the valve had been monitored for years.

The advantage of this monitoring is that I never had any sort of catastrophic cardiac event. And I healed up fairly quick. Again it was the advances in medicine that made it possible.

Those that haven’t literally had their lives saved can’t appreciate how lucky we are today. And medicine is one field that improves practically every day.

So many things that were once a death sentence are now dealt with quickly and effectively.
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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by CowboyTutt »

Griff, I am so glad you are OK!!! I have been down the "cardiac road" a few times with relatives, and watched my family members go from full blown open heart surgery and bypasses to the use of stents. I agree, the technology has improved so much and probably saved my Mom's life a couple of years ago. She had already had a quad bypass and had some new blockages a few years later, but was too old to go through bypass again. So instead with the new technologies they pushed the new blockage out and put in two stents. FAR less invasive!!! Fast forward a few years, and Mom was having breathing issues at the end of '22 and and early '23. I may have reported about that here on Leverguns, not sure. After tons of tests we were told she had blockages and would need new stents but it turned out after the angiogram she didn't. Whatever she is experiencing is not because of her heart, but I suspect, just old age in her case. But I am so grateful for these new, FAR LESS invasive technologies that spare someone going through bypass surgery, which new scientific data is showing maybe is not so effective after all.

Most of all, I'm just glad you are well!!

My Mom also took a while to heal from the recent angiogram through her wrist, so I know of what you speak of.

Heal well my friend! I know you have family of your own, and Grandkids too.

But you have family here too, and thanks for reporting back!

Your friend,

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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by .45colt »

That is Great news Griff! I hope you get back to 110%. After having had many eye surgery's I'm blessed to have good sight. born a generation earlier I would have been blind by now. The Doctors have technology our grandparents could only dream of. Keep on Trucking. :D .
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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by OldWin »

Glad it went well Griff. Sounds like you'll be in a high state of tune now. :D
Great news!
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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by 2ndovc »

Nice to hear some good news for a change!

It is really amazing what they can do these days. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Take it easy Griff!

jb 8)
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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by gamekeeper »

Hey Griff, join the club, I had two stents put in and was back to work in no time...... I only wish this technology was available when my dad needed it.
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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by JBowen »

Glad you are doing good, Griff. Praying for 100% recovery.

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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by earlmck »

What gets me is that these amazing surgeons (at least the ones around these parts) wouldn't utter the least opposition to the vaccine mandates and other stupidities of the past three years. Here in the Soviet Socialist State of Orygone we are still required to wear the dumb mask when we go into the doctor's office!

I still have great respect for the technical prowess of the good surgeons but sure have lost much respect for the critical thinking ability of the medical community in general.

On a marginally related medical note -- I just finished filling out the questionnaire you do just before donating blood which I will do this afternoon. The final question is "Have you ever had any Covid vaccinations"? They probably play hell getting a "no" answer from donors over in the liberal strongholds of Portland or Eugene but here in my county they must get a goodly percentage of "no's".
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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by ollogger »

Griff So glad they got you up & running, yes some modern medicine does great wonders for us
But i have to agree with alot what Earl said

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Re: Miracle of Modern Medicine

Post by AJMD429 »

Thankfully the vast increase in high-tech abilities has mostly offset the decline in common sense, integrity, and basic communication that plague today's healthcare 'system'....

Glad you needed what we're good at, and it worked so well ..!
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