Interesting dedicated-22LR "AR"

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Interesting dedicated-22LR "AR"

Post by AJMD429 »

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The unique thing is the 'adjustable gas system' (although I think it may really be an adjustable RECOIL system - haven't seen the actual mechanism). It would be nice to have a semi-auto 22LR that can function and cycle ALL the available subsonics and so on well.

Not in the market myself, as I have a Ruger 96/22 with an integral suppressor so it will 'cycle' everything and is quieter than a 10/22 of course. ('s a LEVERGUN, so it's cooler than a semiauto... :wink: )

Anyway - I'd not seen a 22LR semiauto rifle that had such an adjustment.
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Re: Interesting dedicated-22LR "AR"

Post by Tycer »

I would like to be able to adjust my 10/22 td. Its favorite round is subsonic and I have it tuned to run them pretty well with only a rare fte with unsorted rounds. If I pull the light ones it runs flawlessly when clean and wet.
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Re: Interesting dedicated-22LR "AR"

Post by Grizz »

ar already is a "22" . . . I can see the use of that one for teaching and practicing ar handling. but a woods-walker?

the Best primary .22 I know of is the Nylon 66. slim, trim, light, and deadly at 100 yards... the one I shot as a kid is in a grandchild's hands, still a straight shooter after shooting an unknown quantity of lead by three generations . . .

I have a 10-22 that has magazines I despise, that jams every couple of shots, and that consequently sits in the bottom of a trunk somewhere.

I know people grew up shooting 10-22s, and that theirs never jam, and that they have banana mags, and they can be customized like a Model A . . .

None of that persuades me. I have the ONLY unreliable 10-22 in its history, and I am supporting all the fans by keeping it out of sight . . . . :lol: :roll:

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Re: Interesting dedicated-22LR "AR"

Post by Pitchy »

A little off topic, i bought this S and Wesson model MP-15 22 when they first came out and love it, never jammed one time. :)


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