Back to Anthrax....

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Back to Anthrax....

Post by AJMD429 »

...'amazing'....but NOT 'surprising'.... ... x-attacks/
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Re: Back to Anthrax....

Post by piller »

No surprise at all.
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Re: Back to Anthrax....

Post by earlmck »

Yes, that fits.

Whenever we have some atrocious action against Americans by the FBI there will be somebody who will say, "yeah that's pretty awful but there are still a lot of good folks in the 'rank and file' in the FBI". Which may have been true not long ago but it's possible that the few "good ones" remaining went and blew their whistles up at Capital Hill and have now been removed from the action through the usual bureaucratic means.

I never hear anybody say that about the CIA. Are there any good people left in that organization? Were there ever?
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