Carlson Spills the Jan-6th Beans...

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Carlson Spills the Jan-6th Beans...

Post by AJMD429 »

. ... rch-6.html

But the Democrats and 'progresssssssssssives' aren't bothered by this kind of deceit - to them, the ends (winning for Marxism) justifies the means (lies, censorship, and violence).

You have to admit, it was a MASTERFUL use of Agent Provocateurs... :|

Bongino nails it... ... ongin.html

Here's a list of the RINOs who need to be un-elected at the first opportunity - ... r-AA18mcNE
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Re: Carlson Spills the Jan-6th Beans...

Post by earlmck »

On the day of the "insurrection" there were lots of YouTube videos taken by participants. I sat for hours following various videographers around on their journey. One fellow I remember listened until Trump's speech ended, then walked over to the Capitol with his video camera held on his shoulder as he narrated. He detected a whiff of tear gas as he got to the grounds and there was "stuff" laying about on the grass but no barriers or "keep away" signs. He followed a large group of folks as they all ducked under some scaffolding from some sort of construction/repair on the steps and wandered on into the Capitol building through open doors. Walked around through the building just as shown on Tucker's video -- sightseers all wandering around taking "selfies" and police standing around with some being helpful to the visitors.

I have observed in amazement the disconnect between what the vast majority of folks experienced who went over to the Capitol and the violent clips that are played over and over. Didn't take long for those YouTube videos to be hard to find and I have wondered if my "shoulder videographer" is one of the political prisoners in the DC jail. I should have written his name down at the time because I have long forgotten it and had no idea of the lengths the government would go to chase down and incarcerate all these folks over the coming years.

Seems all the people saying Tucker Carlson is "lying" want to pretend that he is saying there was "no violence". And yet Tucker does not say there was "no violence" -- he plays the usual video clips to remind you of what is always shown as he then goes on with "the rest of the story". It is highly entertaining to see the squirming amongst all these nasties who have been spewing the "insurrection" nonsense for the past two years.

I hope the feds involved in the enabling part get identified so they can be grilled. But I'm not holding my breath -- seems like an awful lot of swamp rats do not want the full truth to come out. And if we have learned anything in the past few years it is of the almost absolute stranglehold the Deep State rats have on power in Washington D.C.
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Re: Carlson Spills the Jan-6th Beans...

Post by Ray »

I'm no great carlson fan but I did watch that.....

More interesting to me than the milder spin on the events of that day is the exposure and reminder of the blatant lies regarding the unfortunate and tragic deaths of the security folk. I am sorrowed for those who took their own lives and their survivors and quite understand that they were traumatized that day but......downright lying and saying that they died that day and mister trump and his misguided maga acolytes are responsible is as low and dirty politics as is possible.

Another thing I agree with carlson is the lady who was shot. I sincerely hope that that can be thoroughly investigated. If that gap in the broken glass was indeed the authorized proverbial lethal force line in the sand due to the immediate presence of congressmen or senators with their backs to the wall and no way to escape then that is on her and she was old enough to know better. If the cop/security guard panicked or shot unintentionally then that needs to be exposed.

There was so much tinfoil hat weirdness about many of those trespassers that day. I adamantly think that the election was stolen in a vast conspiracy but I was at work like a hundred and fifty millions other disappointed trump voters. Think about that. Just like the burglars who philosophically forfeits their own life when he/she/it jimmies the door or crawls through that broken window, those folk knew they were doing wrong.

But like the failures to prove the dirty conspiracies of the election, if there are any truths to suspicions that undercover federal agents were in the crowd and spurring those folk or anything to the "Q" connections and the lady who was shot or the four suicides might be part of a cover-up......we'll probably never know.
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Re: Carlson Spills the Jan-6th Beans...

Post by Sixgun »

None of it matters………..nothing is going to happen……many “average Joes” have been imprisoned with no thought as to the destruction of their personal lives. A woman was murdered at the hands of the Feds and nothing is said….

Intelligent people are busy working

Stupid people who don’t work……don’t care.

I used to be on the edge of “hope” until Pennsylvania voters installed a head of cabbage for our senator……I was left stunned as Dr Oz. kinda went both ways and saw the true problems and offered detailed plans on how he was going to make life better for Pennsylvanians.

This guy who won could possibly be the poster child for vegetable soup…….I was more stunned at him winning than I was at Biden winning.

There’s a plan and no one can stop it……….now, how many people can honestly say that they believe the government had no hand in AR-15 mass murders……….
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Re: Carlson Spills the Jan-6th Beans...

Post by .45colt »

"This guy who won could possibly be the poster child for vegetable soup…….I was more stunned at him winning than I was at Biden winning.' Yep, He is so depressed at winning the election.....Oh Plop Goes My Heart.........I have a lot of Good Rope and a bunch of TALL TREES.......He could make good use of them........ :shock: .
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