I thought killing children was 'bad'....but I guess not, these days...

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I thought killing children was 'bad'....but I guess not, these days...

Post by AJMD429 »

https://rumble.com/v2acp4o--dr.-chris-s ... on-se.html

I remember when some of us (far too few) in healthcare voiced concern over MANDATING an experimental vaccination for ANY age group, especially for young people who we ALREADY knew were not vulnerable to the disease (death rate for CoVid in that age group is less than death rate for a sinus infection), and ALREADY knew were not spreading the disease do vulnerable adults (numerous school-based studies showed that), and ALREADY knew were more vulnerable to side effects (the British study that Dr. Shoemaker refers to near the end).

We had our licenses threatened, and if we were 'employed' physicians, we had our jobs threatened.

Although I stood firm (because I'm stubborn, and have kind of a 'vicious sheepdog' attitude when it comes to protecting my flock of patients), I can understand why when threatened so severely many would capitulate.

The physicians who were willing-pawns are bad enough (maybe it's time THEY have their licenses put under scrutiny), but the physician 'leaders' and bureaucrats and hospital CEO's and university presidents who FORCED vaccinations via such mandates BELONG IN JAIL. :evil:

https://rumble.com/v2a79ac--intent-to-h ... -dod-.html

When it comes to 'gun control' we always hear the refrain from the Fascist 'progressive' Left, "How many more children have to die before we do something...?" I would throw that same refrain back at them concerning CoVid vaccinations.
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Re: I thought killing children was 'bad'....but I guess not, these days...

Post by 1894cfan »

At this point, not enough it seems! :twisted:
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