I didn't realize how bad California was...

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I didn't realize how bad California was...

Post by AJMD429 »

...saw this on a 'Quora' commentary -

"...My buddy couldn't buy ammo in Los Angeles because he hasn't purchased a gun in the last 7 years. What's the deal?

Because California now requires a check before you can buy ammunition and they check the type of ammunition you want to buy against registration records in your name and current address. So if you try to purchase ammo for a caliber the state says you don’t own, you’re denied. California requires 100% registration of your firearms and your address to match those records to buy ammo.

If he bought the gun in the last 7 years it should be in the system. But you’re talking about a state-administered database and we know those always have perfect records.

Welcome to gun control, bureaucratic style! You have gun rights. They’ll just ensure the records are messed up or missing enough that you’ll have to correct them before exercising them. Your buddy gets to deal with the state to fix that.
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Re: I didn't realize how bad California was...

Post by Old Savage »

I’ll check on that. Haven’t bought ammo in a long time. I see the local Walmart stopped selling it.
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Re: I didn't realize how bad California was...

Post by gamekeeper »

In the UK we can't buy firearm ammunition for a firearm that we do not have listed on our licence, if we sell a firearm of a certain calibre we can't keep the ammo unless we have another firearm in that calibre....we can however buy shotgun shells of any gauge regardless. :roll:
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