Never enough 'gun control' ..even in the U.K.

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Never enough 'gun control' ..even in the U.K.

Post by AJMD429 »

Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws
"first do no harm" - gun control LAWS lead to far more deaths than 'easy access' ever could.

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Re: Never enough 'gun control' ..even in the U.K.

Post by gamekeeper »

Yes we've got lots of gun laws here but there's always room for a few more if stops these idiots from feeling scared :roll:

If the British police had done their job properly the shootings at Hungerford and Dunblane would never have happened either, and we would still have our semi-automatic rifles and our handguns, perhaps a less efficient police force is a way of getting gun control tightened up when they know a knee jerk reaction always follows a shooting.
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Re: Never enough 'gun control' ..even in the U.K.

Post by Grizz »

gun control can't stop crime. only criminal control can affect crime. and the marxists refuse to control their criminal impulses .. . .

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