Wanna bet Biden starts a War...?

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Wanna bet Biden starts a War...?

Post by AJMD429 »

It's usually the best way to distract the peasants from noticing or caring about the corruption that ironically destabilized things in the first place.

He's already let the things he wants buried be 'discovered' in the 'classified document scandal' - now they will be kept hidden as "part of an ongoing criminal investigation", just as they managed to seize stuff Trump most likely was wanting to release to the public soon. I think he was hoping to release definitive proof of those culpable for the 2016 attempted election fraud, and the 2020 successful fraud, but if they have successfully locked away that information as well, the great majority of the politically-clueless voters will still vote based on charisma and race and gender, or whatever welfare handouts or corporate regulatory favoritism will line their pockets.

Of course without going back to paper ballots, election fraud remains so easy the Democrats really don't even need to use 'mules' or late-night ballots being 'found'.

So now if Biden can start a war, citizens will get out their flags and unify, against 'the common enemy', oblivious to the fact that it is the swamp that is destroying the nation, 'from within', as the communists literally told us they would.
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Re: Wanna bet Biden starts a War...?

Post by Blaine »

As much as I agree with you, and I do, we can't bend the knee to MadMan Putin.
I'm sure you're aware that we have been in a proxy war with Russia, China since the end of WWI.
Putin isn't going to pop a nuke. He threatens to do so because he knows US resolve is currently very weak. The enemy of our enemy is our friend.
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Re: Wanna bet Biden starts a War...?

Post by .45colt »

Yep, now He is sending $400 million worth of tanks over there.....sooner or later this whole thing is going to escalate ,like Vietnam all over again.
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Re: Wanna bet Biden starts a War...?

Post by 4t5 »

Hopefully biden will try to DRIVE one over, himself. He'll be telling us he was a tank commander in the civil war. :D
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Re: Wanna bet Biden starts a War...?

Post by Grizz »

the bigger worry is that he will just surrender to the first dictator who tells him to. then he can retire to one of the stans . . .
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