The Dumbascraps just can't make up their minds....

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The Dumbascraps just can't make up their minds....

Post by AJMD429 »

(...assuming they even have 'minds'...)

They used to say you were bad if you were an 'antisemite', but NOW you're bad if you aren't an antisemite.
They used to say that they were for the poor and uneducated masses, but NOW they ridicule folks who are poor or lack a college degree.
They used to say that Russia was good - a model of socialism, but NOW they say Russia is bad.

When you look at their changing opinions, the reality seems to be that they base their opinions on pretty much whatever the 'mainstream' news tells them to do, and to the extent they think independently, it is purely based on loathing those who are different from them, resenting anyone with more money or success, and some sort of guilt they feel they have to 'correct' for by virtue-signaling how much they 'care' about the minorities, despite the fact that pretty much everything the Democrats do makes the lives of poor and minorities WORSE.

But they do remain consistent with at least one thing - their desire to un-do the things that kept the US safe and stable and successful for many decades:

- our superior technology - Sleepy Joe loves to hand technology over to Chinese spys, and actual equipment to Middle East terrorists
- our natural resources - SJ loves to give away our natural gas reserves, gold, and food, and make it harder to replace them
- our Christian capitalist ethic - SJ loves to deride and destroy these very things which drive us to success, preferring socialism and the worship of money

It is just so amazing to see today's Democrats support 'no borders' and all the 'environmental' stuff that is so clearly designed not to protect the environment, but to enrich his cronies and political supporters in exchange for votes. FIfty years ago, the Democrat electorate would have seen through this nonsense, and never voted for such things, but today they seem completely clueless. The only thing that seems to drive them is wealth-envy and a desire to destroy anyone with different values or religious beliefs, which they and their 'newa' and social-media buddies manage to disguise as 'helping minorities' and being 'for the working class', when their actual political activities and economic interventions HARM both minorities and the working class.

Perhaps this is all because the Greatest Generation was too busy working and saving the Western World from dictatorship to realize that delegating the education of their children to 'public' schools would lead so many of them to be fools, completely unaware of history, economics, or even basic logic - thus vulnerable to socialist collectivist and authoritarian narratives that the average fifth-grader of a century ago would have been able to see through. The college-kids of today are less knowledgeable than ever; truly sad.
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