You wonder what THIS will be misused for...

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You wonder what THIS will be misused for...

Post by AJMD429 »

'Hackers positioning for several years to be poised for mass U.S. infrastructure sabotage...' ... r-BB1hW25T

Well, duhhhh... Of COURSE that's what they do when we LET them... :roll:

But the fact that the current administration is admitting it, means they must be poised somehow to use that treat as an excuse to do something perverse. Otherwise they'd continue their state of denial. Maybe it is just to make citizens feel 'threatened' so we will accept more Big Government intrusion and micromanaging of our lives.
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Re: You wonder what THIS will be misused for...

Post by Grizz »

It's not gonna be misused Doc. It's gonna be used for what they put in place to do. They can cripple the basic infrastructure of America without firing a shot. I think they are just waiting to make sure Trump doesn't make it back.

Think of it as a ground based EMP attack. A million chicoms push the button marked enter at the same time, Wham Bam the U.S. is immobilized without firing a shot. The riots and gang wars will reduce the population and the million man cccp army will mobilize. Unless Someone intervenes.
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