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Project Mendacium (formerly Project Veritas)

Post by AJMD429 »


Looks like Pfizer has the goods on someone and pulled strings... ... dit-video/

Amazing duplicity...

James O’Keefe sounds like he’s going to carry on though...!
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Re: Project Mendacium (formerly Project Veritas)

Post by earlmck »

Big Pharma gets on the phone to his buddy Deep State and says "Get me that darned O'Keefe". So the lads of CIA and FBI and NSA put the files together on the board members and have enough on them to blackmail them into getting rid of O'Keefe even though these board members must know they are killing the organization that is paying them to be board members. That's how it is done in our "One Nation Under Blackmail" (author Whitney Webb).

Coulda' been worse -- they could have hung him from a tree with a wire noose. That may be next, 'cause it didn't sound like O'Keefe is going quietly away. I'll keep an eye out to see where to send a donation to the PostVeritas.
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