"Chevron Deference", or "Rule of Lenity", or ......

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"Chevron Deference", or "Rule of Lenity", or ......

Post by AJMD429 »


....or "rule of illegitimate government agencies"....?

I say the latter - the agency shouldn't exist in the first place. The only reason it started to involve firearms was as a make-work program for displaced government employees when alcohol prohibition was repealed.

The problem is there are too many people who virtue signal to one another by being "moderate", so they will accept ridiculous and unconstitutional laws in order to appear 'reasonable'.

The the current argument is that we have to regulate the arm braces because that allows people to make what's equivalent to a short barrel rifle. The problem is 'short barrel rifles' should not be regulated either. Violent crime should be regulated and violent criminals should be kept away from society, either by putting them in jail or 6-feet underground.
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