If you are a parent, homeschool...!!!

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If you are a parent, homeschool...!!!

Post by AJMD429 »

...and if you are a grandparent or aunt or uncle, BE INVOLVED...!!!

I think one of the things that a lot of young idealistic self-identified "liberals" fall prey to is that they think it is sacrilege to ever question in the slightest anything done by the Democrat Party or political left, because in their eyes the Republicans or conservatives are so horrible and evil. That's why they surely would not listen to Andrew Klavan because they instant they heard him criticizing the political left they would tune it out. If you don't equivocate and criticize the right at least, if not more heavily, in order to soften the horrible emotional blow of criticizing something the political left has done or said, the liberals or Democrats or progressives ( the laughable irony of using that term obviously escapes them due to their complete lack of self-awareness :roll: ) have such cognitive dissonance that they can't handle it.

The next step is they will call you a "raaaacist" or a "homophobe" or say you "hate the environment"; that so exemplifies their moral superiority and the intellectual level of their political views... :lol:

It's really so sad to see this with the children and grandchildren of the Baby Boomers, partly because of all the intelligence that these often highly educated young people are wasting by having such idiotic social and political beliefs, and partly because it's unfortunate to see how many of them are so unhappy and bitter due to that cognitive dissonance, because you can't possibly have scientific and political and moral beliefs that are in line with one another if you are a contemporary 'liberal' or 'progressive' or Democrat. So they turn to alcohol or drugs or promiscuity or whatever and then try to pull the rest of the world down to their level of misery, when their education and intelligence could be instead used to pull the rest of the world up to a state of happiness and productivity and stability and security.

This is all a comment to introduce a really good Andrew Klavan video put online recently that exposes how horrible a job the current educational system has done, and what complete fools it has turned out in the form of contemporary young liberals.


Worth listening to...!
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Re: If you are a parent, homeschool...!!!

Post by Grizz »

Yes! we home schooled ours. probably second best thing we did for them . . . next to raising them in the 'fear and admonition of the LORD' . . .

the "state" is feeding fentanyl laced gasoline to school children with the side dish of the spike-protein-of-ignorance . . . .


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