WuFlu Haiku

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WuFlu Haiku

Post by Blaine »

Three Pfizer Death Jabs
No more, but still quite concerned
Fauci's Felony
The Rotten Fruit Always Hits The Ground First

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Re: WuFlu Haiku

Post by AJMD429 »

The horrific number of 'coincidental' deaths of healthy young people getting blood clots and myocarditis just a few days after being misled, pressured, or forced to get a dubiously-effective vaccine for a virus less dangerous to young people than an ordinary case of bronchitis, is grounds to AT LEAST have some open and honest discussion and investigation.

The fact that the authorities have obstructed, stifled, censored, and punished any such discussions is convincing many that there really IS a dangerous relationship between the vaccines and myocarditis and death, and an even MORE dangerous relationship between the pharmaceutical companies and politicians and the healthcare system.
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Re: WuFlu Haiku

Post by Bill in Oregon »

Hey Doctor Fauci
gimme dat ouchie ...

-- heard on NPR
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Re: WuFlu Haiku

Post by GunnyMack »

The fake vaccines are a way to remove a portion of the population, a manufactured 'virus ' + da jab = a world wide reduction of people. What they didn't figure on was it didn't kill as many as they hoped for.
Now we need to ferret out those responsible and get the TRUTH.
Lyme disease we manufactured.
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