Because I Can!

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Because I Can!

Post by Griff »

Spent the afternoon loading ammo. Made another 6 rounds of the 250 JHP 45 Colt Ruger load for the Rossi, just to round off a mag full of 10 rounds. Then, although I'm still trying to decide whether to tempt fate & go to a cowboy shoot tomorrow, but was short a few rounds (Probably had about 100 rounds in the ammo can, but a match usually requires 120 rounds - 60 for the handgun & 60 for the rifle). So I worked up the Dillon and loaded 5 primer tubes to load smokeless in the Cowboy 45 Special with Clays and a 160 grain RFN powdered coated bullet. Ran out of powder-coated bullets with about a 100 primers to go, so I opened up a new box of uncoated lubed bullets of the same profile by a different maker. That nearly topped off the .30 cal ammo can, could probably fit another 100 in, but why, it's heavy enough.

Then, also because I can, I took my 2nd to last 100 LP primers outta the box of 1,000, and loaded more C45S with the same 160 RFN and enough APP 3F to just touch the base of the bullet. Just in case I decide to shoot BP tomorrow! And after 2 hours of pulling on that handle, my shoulder said, "QUIT IT!" Sure seemed like I had lots of primers before I began! Still have a case of 5K, but will start shopping now! Especially since I'm down to less than 1K Large Rifle primers.

Hopefully, this means I probably won't have to load any cowboy ammo til late spring!
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