Cardiac problems after CoVid

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Cardiac problems after CoVid

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The mechanisms (and hence, more insight as to treatment options) are being elucidated. I think some of these mechanisms are unique and different enough to explain why the conventional antithrombotic and antiinflammatory regimens aren't as effective as some of the odd-ball things like low dose naltrexone, and the i-word drug, which work on cytokines and spike protein binding and so on. ... -through:5

I love the way the physicians who speak about these things still have to dance-around the issue so carefully, and insert tons of 'disclaimers' to avoid censorship. It is painfully obvious that if 'spike protein' is the inflammatory entity, that the CoVid vaccines are just as likely to cause issues as the infection itself (and to the extent that the spike protein gets produced in different tissues and on a different time-scale with infection vs vaccination, could very plausibly be even worse).
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Re: Cardiac problems after CoVid

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Joni Lamb at Daystar tv is a lioness for the truth about the entire murderous affair and has continually given air time to the de-platformed truth-tellers who saw the lies from the very beginning . . . this link opens a page of front line health-care professionals who really care for patients, and who have been mercilessly savaged by the "narrative" of continuous LIES . . .

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Re: Cardiac problems after CoVid

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And that is what would interfere with the money chain which is the goal.
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