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Liberals Explained

Post by AJMD429 »

Their "get out the vote" garbage exposes three defining characteristics of the 'progressive' left:

1) Their willingness to cheat. They believe they are so morally superior to everyone else, that their [noble] ends justify any [dishonest or illegal] means. So it isn't a big deal to take taxpayer money and use it to select certain zip codes or demographic groups and push them harder to vote, while ignoring others. They literally think it's not only 'ok', but that it's a "good" thing. Harvesting votes, stuffing ballot boxes, and so on - not a big deal to them.

2) Their racist attitude towards minorities. They literally think that 'people of color' are too stupid to figure out how to vote, so they actually think they need special 'help' to vote. When you ask 'people of color' about that, they laugh and act amused at how idiotic the Democrat leadership is to think that. Of course any 'minority' group that tends to vote conservative instead of liberal will NOT be selected for 'help', but will simply be derided as uneducated 'deplorables', so at least some of the 'progressives' are actually smart enough to knowingly be trying to help only potential Democrat voters (see #1 above). Still, the 'progressives' have a terrible track record of arbitrarily judging people by skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and income - and they never hesitate to categorize and treat all those groups differently instead of equally, not realizing the irony when they claim to be 'inclusive' and then label conservatives (who could care less about skin color and all that, instead just judging individuals by their honesty, work ethic, and whether or not they contribute positively to the social greater good) as the bigots.

3) A total lack of self-awareness. They would deem the things they do themselves horrible if done by the 'conservatives', but they live in their echo-chambers and bubbles, and have no standard to compare themselves to. Not that they would, since they assume they by definition hold some moral high-ground, and are therefore immune from any critical comparisons.
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Re: Liberals Explained

Post by Grizz »

EXACTLY. tools of the devil, who is a liar and the father of it. everyone who behaves that way is owned by or used by the devil, whether those people are aware of it or not. facts are pesky little things, eh?
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