Sheepdogs and other people...

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Sheepdogs and other people...

Post by AJMD429 »

We all know the "sheep", "sheepdog", and "wolf" classification of people in terms of roles as protected, protector, and predator.

When in comes to "politics" I think the political battles have a similar classification of use:

1. Some are the soldiers, in the midst of battle, having to be aware of their surroundings constantly, and reacting and responding to them. Rarely getting time to relax, always feeling a sense of duty and responsibility to fight hard by going to public hearings, writing letters to the editor, attending school board meetings, and all sorts of other unpleasant things they can do honorably to maintain a safe and stable society. These are the people who keep up with the news and participate politically. They are also the ones who seem to get the ulcers... :|

2. The bunny rabbits. They hop around, nibbling on grass in the midst of the battle, blissfully unaware of their surroundings and the dangers going on. These are the people who mostly focus on recreational activities, and usually are lucky enough they don't have a lot of Life stresses.

3. The ones watching it on television from the comfort of their own living room. Like the bunny rabbits, they really feel no stress, but they are aware of at least the superficial aspects of what is going on politically. The difference is they don't dig into issues very deeply, and they rarely become involved politically unless something is a direct threat to them personally. In addition to the politically apathetic, this group includes many in the 'news' media.

4. The powerful elite who are usually behind starting the battle in the first place. They stressed to the extent that some of them are at odds with each other, but they rarely have significant personal risk of loss, other than perhaps big investments or pride. Those in the news media are often puppets of this group.

So the group number four starts problems, but because the majority of people are in group number two and totally oblivious, you have a few people in group one trying to do something significant while group three observes and judges.
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