The Liberal Bubble insulates them from self-awareness...

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The Liberal Bubble insulates them from self-awareness...

Post by AJMD429 »

...perhaps it's some kind of one-way mirror that doesn't reflect back to them, or ... maybe they're vampires, and have no reflection... :|

Watching "Woman in Gold", a biographical movie about the contemporary efforts to restore possessions seized from Jews and other 'undesirables' by the NAZI Germans 80 years ago, which as part of the plot showed the horrific and brutal treatment of Jews (and others with the 'wrong' political or religious beliefs) I was struck by a liberal who commented, "...see...that's the kind of thing we fear the MAGA-minions who follow Trump are about to do; he's our modern-day Hitler...".

As many of you likely think when watching or reading of the NAZI atrocities, I had been thinking two parallel lines of thought:

a) never, EVER, give up the widespread and anonymous ownership of politically potent firearms. No 'gun registration', even under the guise of 'background checks', and the pressure of violent crime the liberals allow to increase to terrorize us with enough fear to give up liberty. If we lose the right to possess arms up to the task of stabilizing society by keeping the balance of power slightly tilted towards the citizen, as our founders intended, we will lose ALL the other Bill of Rights, and regaining that freedom would likely be impossible.

b) wondering how it is that today's "liberals" are so like the NAZI Germans; they are filled with envy, materialism, and bitterness, and are more interested in policies that tear down the wealthy than elevate the poor. They don't hesitate to use lies and deception and censorship and corruption and violence to accomplish the political changes they seek. I could easily see them swarming through homes they identified by spray painting "NRA" on the doors, seizing not only guns, but money, artwork, or anything else they don't feel the 'deplorables' should have. They have proven that even the ones too timid to be violent themselves, will happily turn the other way when someone else burns, loots, or murders, as long as the recipients of the violence hold the 'wrong' political or religious views.

To me it seems so obvious that this kind of horrible human behavior is a left-wing Democrat thing, and yet many Democrats evidently honestly look at it and think somehow it's a Republican conservative thing; do they not read history...? I find that completely amazing that they are so lacking in self-awareness...
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