For all you Yellowstone fans

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For all you Yellowstone fans

Post by wvfarrier »

More proof that Costner has lost his grip on reality.

This is for all you Yellowstone fans ... iz-cheney/
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Re: For all you Yellowstone fans

Post by ollogger »

I dont watch Yellowstone because of Kevin, in fact he can just go jump in bed with Pete
Liz can go tour the giant hog farm up the road, i better quit :evil:

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Re: For all you Yellowstone fans

Post by 4t5 »

Another Holly weirdo,
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Re: For all you Yellowstone fans

Post by gamekeeper »

I have never been a fan of KC even though he has been in some good movies, it's a pity that some of these Hollywood celebrities don't have the movie script writers write their off screen comments too rather than the rubbish they come out with :roll:
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