Biden positive for covid!!!

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Biden positive for covid!!!

Post by .45colt »

Everybody line up and get some more shots just like joe did . I bet this is ALL Putins fault TOOOO. He got it on his trip last week...... :o :lol: .
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Re: Biden positive for covid!!!

Post by gamekeeper »

Any excuse for keeping him away from microphones... :lol:
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Re: Biden positive for covid!!!

Post by Ysabel Kid »

And apparently cancer to boot... at least that is what his latest gaffe was... :roll:
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Re: Biden positive for covid!!!

Post by lthardman »

I wish him a speedy recovery. As much as I don't like him, I like his back-up even less.
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Re: Biden positive for covid!!!

Post by piller »

As many people as there are getting Covid even after vaccination, you would think that the number wanting a shot would go down. Why get it if it doesn't work.
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Re: Biden positive for covid!!!

Post by Blaine »

Sequere Tuo Consilio

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Re: Biden positive for covid!!!

Post by 4t5 »

It's the only positive thing he's accomplished!
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Re: Biden positive for covid!!!

Post by AJMD429 »

It is worth noting that in every other country but the United states, the data shows exactly what the virologists predicted, which is that ultimately those who got vaccinated with the covid vaccine would be MORE likely to get covid and get more SEVERE illness.

The United States data is startlingly different, however, which is interesting. Why would it be different? Does our population have other factors that would affect our response? Did we get substantially different vaccinations? According to Dr Pierre Kory, it turns out that the United States collects data differently. In other nations, if a person is admitted to the hospital, whether or not they are considered vaccinated is indicated on their medical history and that data goes to the central collection entity. In the United States, apparently the individual being admitted is only counted as vaccinated if they received their covid vaccine at the hospital that they are being admitted to. Since most people got their vaccines at drug stores or outpatient clinics, or got the vaccine at a hospital other than the hospital they might ultimately be admitted to, the United States data counts far fewer covid-admitted people as "vaccinated".

If this is true, it certainly wouldn't be the first time that electronic medical records screwed up data that would be used later to make critical decisions.
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