3-hour Podcast but it was worth listening to (while gardening)

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3-hour Podcast but it was worth listening to (while gardening)

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... :shock:

This Joe Rogan interview with a former Islamic militant is incredible. It is 3 hours long, but throughout the podcast touches on a huge variety of topics that are contemporary, and really affect day-to-day decisions we make financially and personally that affect our families and communities. He makes it clear during the third hour that the 'Great Reset' is to the point where governments are printing enough money to make money worthless, so they can 'rescue' their citizens by more 'pandemic payments' which they will use to further establish electronic currency that the government will 'back' (read 'control' - and use to restrict purchases to 'goods and services that are socially responsible'). The infrastructure they have already set up that prohibits travel or patronage of certain businesses unless vaccinated will easily be adapted to use to throttle and neutralize anyone who is politically undesirable versus those in power. You know - the kind of censorship and stifling of minority opinion that the Democrats just love, and are willing to use deception and violence to implement if needed.

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1ugbn7 ... =copy-link

It goes along with the so-called 'Great Reset' that used to be considered a 'conspiracy theory' until those who are orchestrating it pretty much put it right out there and on the internet and wrote books about it and not only admit what they're doing, but brag about it.

There are black vs white, old vs young, men vs women, rich vs poor, urban vs rural, and so on ad infinitum, but the real difference that makes societies hard to form and stabilize is how they handle the concept of human imperfection.

The 'conservatives' seem to feel that since humans are occasionally corrupt and evil, the less power any one person has over another the better - they typically regard the fundamental soverign unit as the individual adult, or the family. Every layer of hierarchy over that is intended primarily to solve disputes between, or coordinate activities between, the layer beneath it. In the case of the U.S., the national government pretty much should just solve state disputes and coordinate activities between states, which includes providing for their common defense. A world government would only help settle disputes between nations, and I suppose if our planet were attacked, could serve as the coordinating entity for that defense.

The 'liberals' seem to feel that since humans are occasionally corrupt and evil, we need to find the 'good ones' and hand over to them unlimited power to regulate and dictate the activities of those they rule over, and that the fundamental soverign unit is the state, as in the national govenment, or perhaps the world government.

I realized this when I was talking with a liberal about Klaus Schwab's book "The Great Reset" and sharing the fact that they are indeed ADMITTING they want to use the pandemic as an excuse to inistall monitoring and tracking infrastructure to restrict unvaccinated people from certain travel and activities, then bankrupt member nations via money-printing and rampant inflation, combined with food and fuel and electricity shortages. Government will then come to the 'rescue' via electronic funds transfers as they did with the CoVid money a couple years ago, on the condition that other forms of money and exchange will be forbidden. At that point the world government can neutralize any dissident by cancelling their ability to travel or purchase anything. MY LIBERAL FRIEND THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA...! I had thought that the issue would be whether or not he believed this was really happening, or what sort of opposition would be appropriate towards it.....it didn't occur to me that anyone would actually SUPPORT such a plan. But evidently that is the way some 'liberals' or 'progressives' think... :shock: :shock: :shock:
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