Another CoVid Rx that works...

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Another CoVid Rx that works...

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An interesting review of fluvoxamine for covid.

The Black box warning they talk about aren't really particular for fluvoxamine, rather they are true for ANY treatment for severe depression. If you have someone so severely depressed that they are catatonic, they don't have enough emotional energy to go to the kitchen and get the butcher knife to end it all, so whatever treatment is used, the prescriber has to be aware of that in that limited class of severely depressed patients, you could give them just enough emotional energy to carry out suicide. Although the Big Pharma people who don't want anyone using fluvoxamine (because it would compete with their less effective and more dangerous newly released products), talk about 'black box warnings' to frighten people, they are completely inapplicable to use in a covid patient for a week or two.

Fluvoxamine works well combined with another drug called cyproheptadine, which is an older antihistamine we seldom use now because it causes sedation like Benadryl, and is not as convenient as the once a day ones they have now.
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