Chris Wallace heads to CNN

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Steve in MO
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Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by Steve in MO » ... -streaming

I guess he just wants to guarantee no one will watch or listen to him anymore. Good riddance to bad trash.
"When the shooting stops, and the dead are buried, and the politicians take over; it all adds up to one thing: a lost cause."
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Re: Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by Blaine »

I never cared for him. Clearly he leaned left in his softball interviews with 'Crats....
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Re: Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by RIHMFIRE »

P . O . S .
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Re: Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by 4t5 »

they'll take anybody they can get, their ratings are in the toilet. cnn...your communist news network.
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Old Savage
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Re: Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by Old Savage »

Probably taking Cuomo’s job.
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Re: Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by .45colt »

Just like a scene in one of My Favorite Westerns..................................................................."WELL........BYE"..... :shock: :lol: .
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Re: Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by crs »

It seems to be unanimous - we are all glad to see him go.
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Re: Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by CowboyTutt »

Fox chose I think to not renew his contract. Um, wonder why. He jumped ship to anything he could find. He landed at CNN. Question is, is he perverted enough? Only time will tell. :twisted: -Tutt
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Re: Chris Wallace heads to CNN

Post by JOG »

He better not turn his back on that don Lemon fella! We all know what that pervert did in that bar on Long Island! :o
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