I think they have 'liberalism' and 'conservatism' backwards...

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I think they have 'liberalism' and 'conservatism' backwards...

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I generally agree with much of what Peterson says, but it seems most of their characterizations of 'liberal' and 'conservative' are backwards. Towards the end they even discuss how 'conservatives' fear CoVid more than 'liberals' and I think that is actually the OPPOSITE of reality.


As David Rubin says, he is now what would be called a 'conservative', but his views haven't really changed all that much from when he would have been (50 years ago) considered a 'classical liberal'. I think this goes back to the JFK-era Democrats vs the Biden fascists of today. Today it is the 'conservatives' who are more tolerant of other values, other races, other lifestyles, and other cultures - NOT the 'liberals' - who are uncomfortable around anyone not like-minded, and it is the 'liberals' who are so motivated by hate, versus the conservatives - just look who burns down businesses, attacks random people due to their race or occupation, and so on.

Note that much of the data they discuss on political preference was gathered in the 1930's and 1940's, so I think there has been a paradigm shift where positive-sounding terminology ('liberal', 'progressive' and so on) got co-opted by the left, and the left became 'progressively' (irony in the term) more fascist and violent and intolerant. Those who valued individual liberty and were tolerant of others (so they could also have liberty) shifted to the 'right' and became conservative, joining the 'classical liberals' and 'libertarians' who were already there.

They sort of address it at around an hour and a half in, but I think the interviewee is simply there showing his bias from being in academia. He even states that 'conservatives are more authoritarian than liberals' where I think he is clearly wrong. It is today's liberals that are wanting lockdowns, required masking, required vaccination, and so on. I think the interviewee, like many of the 'grew-up-conservative, became-liberal' people I know, has some unresolved animosity towards his parents. The 'grew-up-liberal, became-conservative' people I've met seldom hate their parents, or anyone else for that matter - they usually give a story of realizing they were raised in an environment of materialism, envy, and hate, and at some point got enlightened and saw the way to interact with the world in a more positive way, focusing on spirituality and what they can do to help others, versus materialism or 'helping' only to virtue-signal while mostly helping themselves.
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