The Salvation Army Just Went "WOKE"

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The Salvation Army Just Went "WOKE"

Post by Blaine »

They are who I would donate to for different causes and disaster response.
USED to. The only way to change a corporation is to destroy their wallet. ... gy-racism/
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Re: The Salvation Army Just Went "WOKE"

Post by AJMD429 »


I’m done with them now as well.

The key though is to TELL THEM WHY; otherwise no lesson learned.
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Re: The Salvation Army Just Went "WOKE"

Post by jeepnik »

Demanding that whites do something because they are white is , well, racist, is it not?
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Re: The Salvation Army Just Went "WOKE"

Post by Ysabel Kid »

Darn it. :evil:

I just shredded a mailer from them too. Hard I read this first I would have sent them back a letter. Going to do so anyway. Like Doc said, the only way to make these idiots see the error of their ways is to let them know why they are taking a hit to their wallet. Otherwise, they will remain clueless... like all leftists. :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Re: The Salvation Army Just Went "WOKE"

Post by Sarge »

As I have said for years-

"I ain't ever owned any slaves and you couldn't run fast enough to give me one."
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