Proud of Law Enforcement Officers....

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Proud of Law Enforcement Officers....

Post by AJMD429 »


...sometimes, anyway.... :| :? ... ren-video/

I'm starting to agree with Dan Bongino when it comes to alphabet agency law enforcement officers. And I say that having several family members, friends, and patients, who are LEO's...

.....on the other hand, these LEO's should make some red mist examples out of the rioters throwing explosives .. :evil: ... e-verdict/
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Re: Proud of Law Enforcement Officers....

Post by gamekeeper »

As an outsider it looks to me that you either have corruption or stupidity at every level in what were once respected offices.
President Trump was 100% right in trying to drain the swamp but with such a huge swamp it would have taken him a long long time.
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Re: Proud of Law Enforcement Officers....

Post by Blaine »

I have not considered the FBI to be anything but corrupt.
Anytime the head of a law enforcement is beholden to a socialist boss, the outcome is rarely constitutional.
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