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Obviously a Science-denier

Post by AJMD429 »


This guy had me convinced initially, but then I found out he wrote a column in "The Hill", which since it's Republican-leaning completely invalidates anything and everything he says, despite the fact that he's earned tons of respect clinically over several decades of peer reviewed published articles and respected medical journals. Now of course if he was a columnist for a Democrat-leaning publication, that would mean he's okay, no matter what he says. :roll:

https://rumble.com/vnhjq1-winning-the-w ... lough.html

Sadly, that is truly the way pretty much all Democrats and most self-proclaimed 'moderates' think these days. The mantra seems to be "...follow the science...", That is until the science clearly discredits what they say, at which point they simply make things up and if you point out the inconsistencies, they say you're either a racist or a homophobe or you don't like baby seals. If those extremely intelligent and cogent arguments fail, then they simply censor you via social media, and since many moderates and pretty much all Democrats, seem to get their entire worldview from Twitter and Facebook, they can pretty much control the narrative (at least for the self-anointed bureaucrats, overpaid CEOs in big pharma, the politicians they lobby, and Trumpophobic Democrats and 'moderates' in academia who claim to be 'experts', and follow the NAZI 'progressive' philosophy of believing it's okay to use deception and violence to force others to conform to your values and beliefs because you are so superior to the untouchables, deplorables, and other minorities, whose only positive contribution to society is that because of their skin pigmentation or sexual orientation, liberals can convince them they are 'victims' and use them to leverage political power).

After listening to this lecture and looking at the slides, and even checking some of the resources he cites to see if they truly say what he claims, I find everything is pretty much factually in line. So I'm tempted to actually believe it, but I have one more thing I will try to do. I will try to see if he ever said anything remotely positive in his life about Donald Trump. If he did so, then I will claim that he is a right-wing fanatic, racist, homophobe, and science-denier.
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