an act of treason

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an act of treason

Post by 4t5 »

when general milley negotiated with the chinese behind the back of a sitting president, is this grounds for treason? Bongino
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Re: an act of treason

Post by Ray »

What he did seems certainly illegal but john kerry did the same thing with iran and didn't even get a spanking or timeout. Just assuring xi and the p.r.o.k. pigman that mister trump would be kept at bay is bad enough but maybe not treasonous....


If he actually promised to warn xi or the pigman before an attack. Think about that.....That's downright firing squad at dawn or hanging at high-noon stuff ! But he is anti-trump enough to get a pass....
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Re: an act of treason

Post by piller »

I would like to see him prosecuted. Of course, he probably will be given a medal.
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Re: an act of treason

Post by AJMD429 »


It's ok if you're a Democrap.
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Re: an act of treason

Post by Blaine »

Gitmo is a good place for this communist EssoBe :evil:
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Re: an act of treason

Post by Scott Tschirhart »

This is bad, but it is bad to President Trump, so it is not that bad. However, when you see something like this, look closer. This is designed to distract us from something else.
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