The incredible government run healthcare

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The incredible government run healthcare

Post by wvfarrier »

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Re: The incredible government run healthcare

Post by GunnyMack »

That is just CRIMINAL!
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Re: The incredible government run healthcare

Post by Blaine »

My VA is johnny-on-the-spot with prescribing and refilling meds, but my team "doctor" is more like a human flow chart. It's pure hell to get any specialized care and it usually takes a couple months to get to see them. :roll:
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Re: The incredible government run healthcare

Post by AJMD429 »


It doesn't have to be that way. The REASON that health care is so inefficient, disorganized, and expensive, is that we've delegated the selection and purchase of it to third parties, and the government (kind of like we did with education, which has also been ruined over the past five decades or so).

Check this out - I knew primary care docs like me could go Direct-Pay and not only do well themselves, but save their patients money and provide better care - but I never thought surgeons could pull it off at prices patients could afford. ... nd-clinics ... ash-market

....but they did...! Imagine getting BETTER care than average, at only 10% of the cost...

The article explains WHY the insurance companies even ENCOURAGE the high-prices for health care.
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