The Karens are losing their minds.

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Scott Tschirhart
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The Karens are losing their minds.

Post by Scott Tschirhart »

I'm just not wearing a mask anymore. I go in and if someone wants to talk to me about it, I will be happy to have that discussion.

So, I get a lot of disapproving stares (that I generally ignore) from the Karens. My wife is much more civilized than I am and she still dutifully wears the mask even though we have had the Covid and we have had the shots.

The great thing about being a big guy who obviously has dragged his nuckles from time to time is that the limp wristed folks seem to be too afraid to talk to me about it.
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Re: The Karens are losing their minds.

Post by jeepnik »

It’s not just mask issues. Some folks think it’s their job to correct the world. Now I’m not a big guy, far from it. But I have found the Karens will rapidly retreat if one simply smiles when they start to rant. They are looking for reaction. Don’t give them the one they want and it scares the pee out of them.

I usually end by ask a question like “do you have any diseases cooking won’t kill”. Sometimes times it takes a second but their reaction is priceless.
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Re: The Karens are losing their minds.

Post by AJMD429 »

....I usually end by ask a question like “do you have any diseases cooking won’t kill...
:lol: :lol: :lol: 8)
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Re: The Karens are losing their minds.

Post by Grizz »

i was severely tempted, on my last visit to TX, last Fall, to ask the tsk, tsk, frowners what they would have done at the Alamo. i doubt any of the ones in the box stores would understand the question.
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Re: The Karens are losing their minds.

Post by .45colt »

To really put them on tilt , just tell them that Dr. Phil needs people with problems like Yours to be on the show............ :?
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Re: The Karens are losing their minds.

Post by piller »

I have stopped wearing a mask. I had CoVid and got over it. By following the science, I am now at lower risk than those who got the vaccine.
D. Brian Casady
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Re: The Karens are losing their minds.

Post by FWiedner »


The mask is on/off for me. Sometimes I wear it. Sometimes I don't.

I don't see a need to wear it other than to be polite to those folks who've consumed the child's mixed flavored beverage... Like at work.

In this part of Texas, folks aren't really making much of a deal of it.

Government office attracts the power-mad, yet it's people who just want to be left alone to live life on their own terms who are considered dangerous.

History teaches that it's a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back.
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Re: The Karens are losing their minds.

Post by GunnyMack »

Only time I wear one is if im in a store. Can't go in a bank here, don't go out to eat but otherwise the mask hangs off a knob on the dashboard. Every time I walk out of a store I take it off and say loud enough for those in earshot ' I'm sick of this stuff'( spelled differently)
I'm healthy, I've upped my zinc, C&D vitamins but most of all I avoid people as much as possible- always have.
Let the scardey cats take the vaccine, ill trust to my body doing what its supposed to do- fight off disease, viruses and libatards :lol:
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