World War III ?

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World War III ?

Post by FWiedner »


'We are in World War III. We did not have a pandemic, we had a biological attack'
Retired Lt. General: 'It was intentional, done by the CCP' ... al-attack/

The General is not the first person to opine such...

Government office attracts the power-mad, yet it's people who just want to be left alone to live life on their own terms who are considered dangerous.

History teaches that it's a small window in which people can fight back before it is too dangerous to fight back.
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Re: World War III ?

Post by Blaine »

Could be....
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Re: World War III ?

Post by gamekeeper »

It's what I've been calling a dummy run, see how fast it works, see how the enemy responds, no conventional military required just a few "special tourists" simple.

It won't matter how well armed we are when all it takes is the enemy to cough on someone close to you. The next Wuhan flu will be a lot nastier....
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Re: World War III ?

Post by Grizz »

link to the interview all of this information was available online by Nov 02 . . .
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