Getting the kindling in place ready to light the match...

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Getting the kindling in place ready to light the match...

Post by AJMD429 »

Notice how the current administration is getting all the 'gun control' legislation in place now, you think they plan to light the match themselves, or just wait for a convenient lightning strike...?

Certainly psychopaths are out there who eventually commit spectacular crimes, but it seems like they always happen when the Dumbascraps need to push their agenda. I'm not entirely convinced that they don't help things along a bit.

A couple decades ago in Indiana some higher-up who was anti-gun saw to it that CCW licenses were issued to a dozen or so individuals with violent criminal histories, bypassing the usual restrictions. When caught, he admitted the rationale was to 'prove' to the public that concealed-carry shouldn't be allowed, using whatever crimes those individuals committed as examples.

In the 80's one of the gun-show operators in Indiana told me that there was a case in Ohio where anti-gun individuals went into a gun show and slipped live rounds into firearms then put them back on the tables. When caught, they admitted that they wanted to cause a gun accident to 'prove' how dangerous gun shows were.

The 'inclusive' and 'progressive' so-called 'liberal' Democrats who are these anti-gun fanatics think nothing of lying and don't hesitate too cause violence to push their agenda. Never trust them.
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"first do no harm" - gun control LAWS lead to far more deaths than 'easy access' ever could.

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Re: Getting the kindling in place ready to light the match...

Post by Blaine »

Only thing I "know" is that they will be pushing Common Sense regulations. And we know that any time they use that term we're about to be screwed.
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Re: Getting the kindling in place ready to light the match...

Post by piller »

As Rush Limbaugh and Mike Rowe both have pointed out, the Left sees everything in terms of good and evil. They see themselves as good no matter what they do, and they see Conservatives as evil. With their refusal to accept anything other than good and evil, they can do whatever it takes to defeat their enemy. Being only good in their own ideology, they can do murder and it is good. Should they accept the truth of their actions, it would mean that they would have to accept that they are truly evil. They cannot accept the truth, and being that way they can do complete evil and feel justified.
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