Big Mistake....

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Big Mistake....

Post by .45colt »

Usually I only watch the news from Erie Pa , small town light hearted stuff . Made the mistake last night of turning on the evening news at 6:30 pm. they were showing the pictures of Houston with the downtown skyline all lit up and the surrounding parts of the city blacked out, people dying in there cars from C02 , no food , no heat....told the Wife they better get used to segment they were talking about the next round of stimulus checks.....and interviewed an African American women who is a postal worker complaining She needs the money because She has 5 children ... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ... I went NUTS just like Archie Bunker . My Wife was pretty impressed. :shock: . A lot of people are in for a very rude awakening.
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Re: Big Mistake....

Post by jeepnik »

On another forum a fellow was complaining about the power being out during this cold snap. He went on to say his generator was down and he hadn’t repaired it. He had no back up heat. He was also complaining about the cost of good blankets.

This was a firearms forum. Obviously his priorities are a bit skewed. I guess he could fire a few rounds and then hug the barrel. Our population has gotten so large and folks refuse to take responsibility for their own health and welfare. I have a hard time understanding it.
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Re: Big Mistake....

Post by piller »

Those are the people who put the Demoncrats in power.
A friend has some big solar panels out on his farm. He just found out that his panels are tied into the grid where they were shut off when the grid went down. He was pretty angry. He is planning to set up a few wind generators for himself. His place always has wind. He has pulles some plans off the internet and has an electrician who will tie a converter to batteries which are charged from the wind generators to his house. Oncor Electric is not happy about it.
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