Who CAN you trust...?

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Who CAN you trust...?

Post by AJMD429 »


This plan applies some elements of public-key cryptography to keep a ‘gun registry’ secure from prying bureaucrats...

https://fullmagnews.com/2021/01/30/will ... -everyone/

...but I see two fundamental flaws:

1) I don't see how one could trust the feds from sneaking in a back-door, since they are the ones who are motivated to misuse the system, PLUS they have the ability to threaten anyone they want with some sort of tax or regulatory or jail consequence of not 'helping them out'.

2) it skips right past the notion that a ‘gun registry’ has some sort of benefit. Nobody’s ‘splaned that one to me yet; maybe I’m just not all that bright, but it sure seems like the only actual use for a list of what guns honest people (the only ones who would register them) own, would be for when you wanted to take those guns away from those honest people....

If someone knows of an actual legitimate use for such a list I’m happy to listen, and to see if that wonderful benefit is greater than the risk of facilitating tyranny and genocide (which seems to be rather common in the world today, with around 4,000 to 5,000 innocent citizens dead per day on average during the 20th Century in nations with gun registration that at first just led to confiscation of ‘military style’ firearms, then pretty much all of them). I guess I’m just old-fashioned, but I’d rather stay away from that kind of social instability and chaos and death, even if the trade off is that a bunch of urban yuppies and soccer-moms are denied an opportunity to virtue-signal by out-machoing the NRA; I guess innocent lives just seem more important to me than the egos of snowflakes and hoplophobes.

Actually there WAS a system where 'registration' was more of a thing that ONLY the seller of the firearm had the information, and it was NEVER passed on to the feds. If a bad-guy was found with a questionable gun, it was up to them to produce the purchase ID number, or who they got it from, and then the seller would avoid getting in trouble for 'selling a gun without a background check' by producing the transaction verification number proving they did indeed do a background check. But none of the gun identifying information ever went upstream.
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Re: Who CAN you trust...?

Post by Grizz »

I trust JESUS. That's it. Because God cannot lie.
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