Pay Pal Big Brother

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Pay Pal Big Brother

Post by Bullard4075 »

Cancelled Amazon Prime then decided I was not comfortable with Pay Pal either. I have not used PP for awhile so my balance has been and is stable. Not a huge amount but worth a few days work. I tried to transfer my funds (less a transfer fee which I left in) from PP to a bank account and was met with a fancy message that my transaction was frozen,under review and basically why did I want my money. Two days later I got (another way :D ) my money. A word to the wise.
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Re: Pay Pal Big Brother

Post by Sixgun »

That's interesting......and worthy of following your lead.........Kudos to you for doing that.....

THIS IS WHAT WE ALL NEED TO DO.........drop any entity that donates to leftist organizations from your life..... (yea, even Fox News) I asked my wife very gently about disposing of her Facebook account but she says she's not cutting off her nose to spit her face.....she likes that mindless entertainment.

It's all online as to donations.....I searched my bank's online records for even a hint of leftist thinking/donations and was ready to write a letter and drop it off at the bank demanding ALL of my money with the exception of our wire transfer accounts which are needed. In other words, I'll use them like a wet rag. The 1% interest is not worth it anyway and I can't afford to invest in money games that give 8% as you could lose it overnight.They were clean as a whistle.

Even if you need a certain commercial firm it's a good idea to write them a letter..(no emails..they are for lazy people) explaining why you are dropping them like a hot potato but just keep them enough for your needs but don't tell them that.

Keep it up...everyday making phone calls......

Another good thing to do is what I did yesterday.....I'm not going to get into details as there is Big Brother everywhere but my wife called Amazon up to report what we ordered was damaged and as customer service is good today they agreed to send out another package......I don't do this as I've always considered it stealing but with those bast...ards it's now WAR as far as I'm concerned.

Take what you can from every leftist organization what you like Joe Stalin as he never let anyone know where he was coming from...just complain and reap the rewards....slowly drain's a war of attrition.-----6

We all need to get this up and running ASAP and STAY WITH IT....drain em for every dollar you can....stay within the law ALWAYS...just drain em...use em....there's no time for "niceties" and following the rules of religion or feel good personalities....this is war....----6
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Re: Pay Pal Big Brother

Post by Larkbill »

One of the fellows I shoot silhouette with gave me a slightly different view of PayPal. I was ready to close mine but he's carrying on a campaign of buying supposedly prohibited stuff from firearms related vendors who have figured out how to beat them at their own game.

Your Paypal transfer issue may be more security related than anything. If your account has been quiet for a while a sudden cleaning out is a red flag. They have a lot of attention from hackers, just like the old time bank robbers. Why rob banks? Because that's where the money is. I get phony emails all the time trying to get me to log on to my account to "fix" something. I just forward to their fraud department.

An enterprising fellow in our area was selling 209's on Craigs. Not 209 primers, just 209's. Savvy buyers figured it out quickly. He also had ads for Lewiston's Best display trays with pictures of empty primer packaging. Last I heard he had only stopped because he sold out. Not to me. I already had too many to pay his prices, but you have to admire capitalism in action.
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Re: Pay Pal Big Brother

Post by jeepnik »

Way back when pay pal started they played fast and loose with my funds. Tried to use them and met with a message that the funds weren’t available.

It took days before I got in touch with them. They said the money was frozen due to fraud. But would/ could not provide any further explanation. I told them to just close the account. It took almost three months to get the refund.
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