WTS: used books on Western, US history, guns, etc.


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WTS: used books on Western, US history, guns, etc.

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FS: Used books on various historical, military, and related topics. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO CONUS ZIP CODES.

TO ORDER A BOOK OR BOOKS: put an "I'll take book(s) #s_____" as a "response" ON THIS AD THREAD. If you want to ask a question, do it as a response here or as a personal message to me. But only an "I'll take it" response constitutes an order.

I take cash, personal checks made out to my "legal" (first) name, and all money orders ditto. I DON'T take credit cards, paypal, or online payments like applepay (Sorry, I'm a real old dog and these new tricks make me growl and bite....).

How it works:
You put an "I'll take ____" HERE. I acknowledge your order HERE and PM you my "legal" name and address for payment. I mark your books SPF (Sold Pending Funds) on the ad and remove most of the listing so people won't waste time trying to buy YOUR books. I start lookin' for a box for em and check my wrapping paper and tape supply, and run (OK, limp) to the mailbox every mail day. When I get your payment, I take your books to the post office the next mail day, ship 'em, and PM you the tracking number. Fortunately I'm retired (my wife might well say, uh, the other "R-word," too).

TAKE $1 OFF THE PRICE OF ANY BOOK OR BOOKS THAT YOU ORDER AFTER THE FIRST ONE. I get a small break on multiple-book shipments (wonder how long THAT'S gonna last....) So I kick a little back to people who buy more than one book.

US/Western History titles

1) SPF "Days of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the American Nation" by Malcolm I. Rohrbach.

2) "Indians of California: the Changing Image" by James J. Rawls. A history of California's natives from before "contact" wit Europeans and an evaluation of their present status and images in our times. Chronicles the almost total destruction of CA's huge native populations by epidemics of European diseases, forced "assimilation" in the Spanish mission system, outright slavery in the Mexican and early American regimes, and the "usual" tit-for-tat irregular warfare on the frontiers that often led to innocent natives being massacred because they could be found and the actual raiders could not. A scholarly history but NOT the one taught in CA schools! PB (U. OK Press) 308 pp. exc cond illus w/b/w photos and maps. $6

3) "Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer" by James L. Swanson. A blow-by-blow narrative of the long hunt thru the swamps of Maryland and the woods of Virginia, leading to Booth's death at the hands of a most peculiar hero! The aftermath of his death plus the conspiracy that led up to all of these events, and its outcomes for the conspirators. PB 487 pp ex. reading condition, illus w/many b/w photos and repros of contemporary newspaper illustrations, maps, interviews. A great "airplane book"! $6

4) SPF "Campaigning with Crook" by Captain Charles King, USA.

5) SPF "White Oaks: Life in a New Mexico Gold Camp, 1880-1900" by Morris B. Parker.

6) SPF "Wanted Posters of the Old West and the Stories Behind the Crimes" by Barbara Fifer and Martin Kidston.

7) "Young Men and Fire" by Norman MacClean. Relevant to our current situation, this award-winning nonfiction book by the author of "A River Runs Through It" details the tragedy of the Mann Gulch Fire where fifteen elite USFS "smokejumpers" died in service on Aug. 5, 1949. A reality still very much with us. HB (U.Chicago Press) 310 pp. illus w/b/w photos, maps. $5

8) "Comrades" by Stephen Ambrose. A study of male relationships by one of our most noted historians. Begins with an examination of his brothers--the Ambrose Boys--and then goes to Dwight Eisenhower and his brother Milton, then the young soldiers of "Easy Company" he describes so movingly in "D-Day" and "Citizen Soldiers." He then examines some soldiers who fought on different sides in that war and yet became comrades afterwards. He recounts the friendship of Lewis and Clark, of Crazy Horse and He Dog, and of the Custer brothers who died together at the Little Big Horn. Moving and interesting description and analysis. PB 139 pp new cond illlus w/pen and ink drawings of the subjects. $5

9) SPF "East Wind Rain": A Pictorial History of the Pearl Harbor Attack" by Stan Cohen.

The Arts of War

10) SPF "Cavalry From Hoof to Track" by Roman Jarynowicyz.

11) SPF "Medieval Swordsmanship: Illustrated Methods and Techniques" by John Clements.

12) SPF "The Book of the Sword" by Richard F. Burton.

Outdoor Adventures

13) "In Condor Country: A Portrait of a Landscape, Its Denizens, and Its Defenders" by David Darlington. Lots of sportsmen dislike the California Condor because they see it as the cause of CA's current ban on lead ammo. This book is probably not for them. But if you like some really WILD and empty "wildlands" where usually the only people you see off the pavement are above you at 27,000 feet and you are as likely to encounter lion prints as boot prints, "Condor Country," from behind the first Coast Range EAst to the Big Valley and from the Grapevine North to "SLO," will interest you. I go there when I can (it begins about an hour's drive north of LA) and for me it's paradise. But bring LOTS OF WATER (and expect a temblor or two). HB 245 pp. exc. reading cond. illus w/map and index. $5

14) "Zululand Wilderness: Shadow and Soul" by Ian Player. The story of a lifelong friendship between a white South African conservationist and a Zulu game ranger (armed warden). Their meeting in 1952, mutual learning process of how to protect wildlife, battles against poaching gangs, capture and relocation of endangered rhinos, and creation of the first protected wilderness area in Southern Africa are all great outdoors stories (But I wouldn't go anywhere there are Black Mambas....). PB (Cape Town publisher) 276 pp. new cond. illus w/many original line drawings and b/w photos. $6

Hardware: Guns, Planes, and Ships

15) ""Workhorse Props: Prop Aircraft Around the World" by Gerry Manning. Does the sound of a propstill make you look up when most jets can't? This book shows prop planes, old and not-so-old, purpose-built and "retired military,
at work around the world. Fire bombers, charter passenger and cargo haulers to and from out-of-the-way places, bush planes and ag planes of all vintages and origins--all props, all the time! Softbound 112 pp. 9x11" format exc. cond illus w/many full- page full-color photos. $6

16) "Destroyers" by Anthony Preston. The volume of Preston's well-known series on WWII warships that covers the development and combat of perhaps the best-known class of warship in our time, the "tin can" or just "can." Illustrates and describes the destroyers of all the theaters of WWI and then, in more detail, the ships in the various theaters of WWII from the fleet battles between the Axis and Allied forces in the Mediterranean, the Battle of the Atlantic ("cans" vs U-boats), and the battles that led to Japan's defeat. Describes the destroyer's functions as the anti-submarine screen of fleets, convoy escort, the specialized types developed--from WWI-era "four-stacker" "cans," the Japanese' use of destroyers (THEIR torpedoes WORKED!), and the destroyer vs. the kamikaze. HB 63 pp. new cond illus w/many historic b/w photos, index. $5

17) SPF "Arms and Equipment of the Civil War" written and illustrated by Jack Coggins.

18) Twenty used gun magazines w/tons of info on all kinds of shooting, collecting, hand loading, and hunting topics. All in excellent reading condition w/no missing pages or ads cut out, although a couple have had the address label cut off the corner of their front covers. Includes:

RIFLE May 1999, May 2020

GUNS AND AMMO July 2016, May 1999, Nov 2018, Nov 2020, Dec 2020

SHOOTING TIMES Aug 2018, Nov 2018, Mar 2019

GUN DIGEST MAGAZINE Oct 2012, Aug 2014, Oct 2015, Nov 2015, Summer 2015, July 2016, Mar. 2016, Aug 2018, Nov. 2018, Dec/Jan 2019

These will be shipped in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box or envelope--they can't be shipped via Media Mail like books.

$18 shipped


Don't forget to take $1 off the cost of any book or books after the first one you order!

Mike Armstrong
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Re: WTS: used books on Western, US history, guns, etc.

Post by Scott Tschirhart »

"I'll take book(s) #s 11 and 12"
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Re: WTS: used books on Western, US history, guns, etc.

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I’ll take 4 and 10
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Re: WTS: used books on Western, US history, guns, etc.

Post by jnyork »

I will have #'s 1,5,9, and 17. Thanks.
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Re: WTS: used books on Western, US history, guns, etc.

Post by Ysabel Kid »

Darn, picked 6... and 5 of them have already been claimed! :shock:

Well, I will take # 6 please! :D
Mike Armstrong
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Re: WTS: used books on Western, US history, guns, etc.

Post by Mike Armstrong »

Books #s 4 and 10 SPF to AJMD429

#s 1, 5, 9, and 17 SPF to jnyork

#6 to Ysabel Kid

Thanks for buying my books again, all of you! PMs an the way this evening.

Mike Armstrong
Mike Armstrong
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Re: WTS: used books on Western, US history, guns, etc.

Post by Mike Armstrong »

Books #S 11 and 12 SPF to Scott Tschirhart. Thanks for buying my books! PM on the way.

Mike Armstrong
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