Anyone here with a C&R License...?

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Anyone here with a C&R License...?

Post by AJMD429 »

I didn't realize (until watching Forgotten Weapons Q&A #53) that a C&R License allows you to essentially be an 'FFL' as long as the firearms you deal with are over 50 years old. Most of the cool guns out there are pre-1972, so that would be an interesting way to approach collecting and selling.

On the other hand, of course the benefit of not having to go through a dealer for transactions and shipping would be offset by the hassle of all the paperwork and records you'd have to keep.

Just curious as to whether anyone has messed with a C&R License.
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Re: Anyone here with a C&R License...?

Post by Bill in Oregon »

Doc, I have had one for nearly 30 years. The paperwork is scarcely an issue, but you do have to keep your "bound book" available to ATF if they want to make sure you are playing nicely. A C&R was much more dangerous financially back in the golden era of surplus in the early 1990s. I would get calls from Herb, my rep at Century Arms, that went something like this: "Bill, I have a special today, five fair or better complete Mosins for $120 shipped. Can I send you some?" I would sigh and pull out my credit card ... and a week later I would be in heaven, which smells very much like cosmoline.
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Re: Anyone here with a C&R License...?

Post by Ysabel Kid »

I have not had one as long as Bill, but maybe half or a bit more. Just used mine earlier this year to pick up that S&W 3rd Model 38 Double Action. :D I agree with Bill - paperwork is next to nothing. Probably the only time you can say that about anything to do with the government - especially firearms!
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Re: Anyone here with a C&R License...?

Post by JRD »

Just as long as you have a C&R as a way to further your gun collection versus to engage in the business of selling firearms it’s good. Most cool guns to me are over 50 years old and thus C&R eligible.
The C&R is an FFL, but only in the sense of how you may acquire firearms. You can’t “deal” in older firearms. The ATF does have the right to do a compliance audit on your C&R, but a retired agent told me they don’t have the resources to bother auditing collectors unless you’ve got on their radar for another reason.
You need to keep a bound book and it isn’t hard. The recent renewal paperwork was very simple and was actually way less than renewing a license to carry in my state.
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