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Post by 765x53 »

Good cops acting appropriately.
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Re: Schadenfreude

Post by AJMD429 »

The dude they had to tase should lose his job for sure.

What an arrogant and entitled jerk; definitely NOT someone you should be entrusted with dangerous weapons or given any authority over ordinary citizens.

Sadly, the agency could do a lot of good, and probably does to the degree that they actually track down some violent criminals. Unfortunately, it seems like these days they are more interested in creating a gun registry and coming up with paperwork violations they can go after otherwise while abiding citizens for. Maybe it's a political agenda or maybe they just have quotas to fill so they can get their quarterly bonuses, but either way it's hard to respect them, and when they act like this guy did it's kind of satisfying to see him get tased.

I heard the mention his name part way to the video. It would be interesting to find out if he actually suffered any consequences. Probably not. Probably got a promotion and will be ATF director someday.
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Re: Schadenfreude

Post by Scott Tschirhart »

Legitimate call. It did not have to go this far and the ATF Agent should have been immediatly cooperative.

The officer would have checked his credentials and sorted this out without the use of force.

The first officer acted absolutely appropriately and attempted to use verbal commands to control the situation until his backup arrived.

I see police videos almost on a daily basis and this was a good one.
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Re: Schadenfreude

Post by piller »

As someone who has never been a Police Officer, it looks to me as if the ATF agent did everything wrong. He caused the escalation, and he could have stopped it at any time. When stopped by a Cop, just be polite and cooperative. Seriously. Until they are satisfied that the situation is under control and there is no danger, they should be alert and ready for trouble. If you don't give any trouble, you will soon be on your way. That idiot should have just done as he was told in the very beginning. How hard would it have been to have knelt down and interlaced his fingers on top of his head? He kept saying he was not going to do that. To me, that means he is going to fight or worse. Not the time, and sure not the place to act that way.
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