Mixed primers....

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Mixed primers....

Post by Nath »

...in Remington factory ammunition, ever come across it?
Some guys in the UK have seen it before.
It looks like a CCI primer got snook in!
The box was a new sealed box when I got it.
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Re: Mixed primers....

Post by Rockrat »

Yes, I have had a few boxes of ammo that way
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Re: Mixed primers....

Post by JimT »

Looks just like some of my reloads.
Ray Newman
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Re: Mixed primers....

Post by Ray Newman »

Reminds me of the time I bought a sealed bag of new Winchester .45-70 brass from Cabela's. Did an initial re-sizing and saw that 3-4 were stamped "Hornady".
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Re: Mixed primers....

Post by marlinman93 »

Never seen any mixed primers on new factory ammo myself. But since I rarely buy new ammo I probably don't have enough exposure to what's going on these days.
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