McPherson Wall Art

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McPherson Wall Art

Post by AmBraCol »

I figured I'd put this here instead of in the Classifieds as I know many of you don't get over there, but may yet be interested in this opportunity.

Mic McPherson sent the following email out:


I have made a couple of 24x36-inch posters using professional photographs of custom Marlins I've built, see low-resolution versions below.

These qualify as high-quality wall art, suitable for a den, loading room, or trophy room.

I can sell these for $65, including shipping.

I can also get a simple brushed-aluminum frame and install the poster in the frame for about $50.
Shipping the frames requires special handling.
I'll have to find out how much that will cost before I can quote a price for the framed picture, with shipping.

If there is sufficient interest, I will order enough of each print to cover that and spend some time getting these to folks in time for Christmas or whatever. I can also bring some to the next Shootists' Holiday, along with books.

All the best,

If you'd like to contact Mic about one of these posters, he told me to post his email address: micmacfone AT centurylink DOT net Change the capitalized words to a symbol and and a punctuation mark and remove the spaces.
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